ABOUT life hacking

For 40+ years I am hacking my life. Changing things to my needs.
Most people change things in life, for example, the way they live. They don’t even know they are hacking their life.

My lifehacking started in electronics and mechanics, creating things for fun and use. During the 1970’s I was introduced to electronic circuitry, building my first FM transmitter. Very illegal! This was followed by the CB 27mc, with an enhanced MyCom in my fist car.

Working as an electrical maintenance engineer in the 1980’s I bought my first personal computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Now, that was 10+ years of fun. Most people used it as a game console, as did I. But, programming and creating hardware gave me the most fun. Building an A3-sized plotter with Rotring ink pens took me a while.

Then the internet came along and it was time to change to the common PC’s. Buying a small aluminium notebook made me step into the world of MSDOS and Windows 3.11.

It didn’t take long for getting a real PC and creating hardware again…… With the development of a 32 bits IN/OUT Parallel In- Output unit I could control the world.

Still working as an electrical engineer, developing and creating things with micro controllers, still gives me the pleasure like the years before.

This website will give you information on things I created, in electrical, mechanical and medical aspects.


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