Beck zapper

During the build of my Clark Zapper, the internet provided me information on a Dr. Bob Beck Zapper. This unit gives a 27 V, 2.5kHz signal and is used for electrification of the blood stream. Powered by three 9V batteries made the use of a somewhat large containment imminent.
The information can be found on

This unit has the circuitry to make Colloidal silver.

Blood zapping should be done where the bloodstream is the closest to the skin. The inside wrist is a good spot to do so. A special conductor band was required with copper strips.

A complete cycle should take one hour. The theory is that it takes about an hour for all the blood to reach those veins.

After a bit more research I found a drawing of a circuit for one 9V battery, but almost the same output voltage. This circuit can be contained in a small box. It was found on .

Above is the drawing I created and can be downloaded as a PDF.
Installed in a small 3D printed box made it a good addition to my zapper collection.

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