Clark zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark investigated lots of diseases. Her opinion was that most diseases are created by bacteria, viruses, parasites or toxins. Her developed Syncrometer made it possible to distinguish certain pathogens and toxins.

With a specific therapy she treated patients. One of her used units is called the ‘Clark Zapper’, easy to build yourself.
Please, do search the internet and check all websites regarding Dr. Hulda Clark and her developed treatments and units.
This page is about that Zapper and the development of a fully automated version.

The Clark Zapper creates a positive block signal with a frequency of 30kHz. It can be done with a 555 timer circuit on one 9V battery.

With the output leads in each wet hand, the most effective way to use it is 7 minutes on, 20 minutes rest, 7 minutes on, 20 minutes rest and then another 7 minutes on.

My first ever

At first I created a zapper with automated timing, without the 555 timer. But a signal of only 4V at most didn’t do a lot.
So, I created a zapper with a buzzer, controlling a 555 timer chip and that was the real thing.

Under development

When powered on, it will show the battery voltage. When started, it will show every stage of the cycle. It will buzz when a pulse cycle will start in one minute.

The complete drawing set and firmware is available for 29 euro,   After payment it will be send by Email!

Contact us for payment options.

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