EMF/RF meter

Finding an Arduino based EMF meter with LED bar on the internet, raised the question of how to gauge such signals.
So, I created a small unit with a PIC micro controller. I was fun but not sufficient.

Then I found GQ Electronics. They provide a large range of EMF/RF meters and even Geiger counters.

Playing with the ordered EMF390, with logging capabilities, i found the need of good signal viewing software.

EMFGraph is a small C# program for the GQ EMF-390 meter. It visualizes data, downloaded with emf390cli.exe in a graphical form.
The display is highly configurable.

For now you can only download, load and view the data. Routines for printing reports will be added in the near future.

Download version 0.9 from here. You will also need emf390cli.exe which is available at GitLab.

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