G-Code Senders

During 2021 I got hold of a real REPRAP 3D Printer, a Meldel90.
It was equipped with a Melvi Board and dit not have the possibility to add a way to work with SD cards . So I changed it with a RAMPS 1.4 board with graphical display and a Arduino MEGA with Merlin firmware..

The fun of using Merlin made me upgrade my own home build 3D-Printer 3DDIE. It is now equipped with a CNC shield and a small graphical display, capable of using SD cards.

Working with Melvin firmware for my 3D-Printers, the best upgrade for my printer ever, gave me the Idea to change my CNC table for the use of GRBL firmware, using a CNC shield on a Arduino UNO.

GRBL does not support the use of SD cards and displays directly but is receives the data by a serial connection from a G-Code Sender like a PC or small controller.

Searching for Arduino or PI based G-Code senders, I found Bart Vennekers site with a perfect example for a Arduino MEGA based Sender with a 4×20 char LCD screen, joystick control and SD card slot.

And so, I started building……..

The result is a Arduino UNO based G-Code Sender with full axis control and fine tuning, with extra buttons for homing, set workspace and goto zero.

With the plans to upgrade my old Plotter with a Arduino NANO based CNC shield there was a need for a second Sender.
Having a few 2.8″ color TFT display shields with touch lying about, I created a Sender using a Arduino MEGA.


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