G1000 panel for FSX/P3D

Love to fly small twinprop planes in FSX and do the navigation the old fashion way, with beacons. The standard GARMIN G1000 displays in FSX look great but they lack the functions of NDB beacond for example. So found I had to implement more functions. It took me a while to set things right but, check the results below.

To install, first make a backup of your old G1000.cab file it to the gauges directory within FSX.

Then download the package below and unpack it to the gauges directory.

the Enhanced Garmin G1000 Gauge Package

A few panels where created with the enhanced G1000 displays implemented.

For some panels below you need this, the switches.cab. Put it in the gauge directory

The Beech Baron panel

The King Air Panel

The Cessna 172 panel

A complete Cirrus SF50 Vision package

How to install a panel?

Place the panel.g1000sc directory in your aircrafts directory, next to the panel directory.
Edit the aircraft.cfg file from the aircrafts directory and copy the last [fltsim.x] textblock.
Paste it beneeth the last [fltsim.x] block and change the number x to +1 from the last.
In the pasted block change the following lines:
– title=Beech King Air 350 g1000
– panel=g1000sc
– ui_variation=”g1000″

Save the aircraft.cfg file.
This should do the trick!

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