Late 2015 I bought a second-hand Hobbymat MD65 lathe. This is a nice addition to the tools I have.

Those lathes are driven by a fixed speed 0,25kW, Single Phase, 220VAC motor.

Because I needed variable speeds I did some research to make it possible.

Finding a small 0.18kW / 3 phase motor and a inverter drive on the net, for under 100 euro was kind of funny. Installing it in the Lathe could really enhance it and would be great to work with.

Adding nice control switches from Ebay made it even more fun !

The inverter is a Moeller DF5-322 0,37kW.

To make it work I needed a PC interface to get all the parameters of the drive on the correct settings. The Moeller interfaces I found where way to expensive. finding a RS232 / RS485 interface on Ebay for under 2 euro’s was a great solution.

Well, the result is below and it works great !

Now it was possible to make new pulleys for the belt drive

And the result till now………….

Then my bits and tools needed to be organized. So, I created drawer inserts with my 3d printer 3DDIE.

For those who would like to see it spinning!

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