Marklin H0 Track

Did you ever had the plan to build a model railway? The first question could be, “Where to built it ?”. In my case, this was a big problem. The only space available was on the attic, with a fold up track, it could be perfect.

The plan was to create a stash plate with all the trains, and the main track locked to the main plate when lowered.

Here a drawing of how the stash plate and the main track are related.

The planning of it all was almost as much fun as the building itself. Here the main drawing that was used during build. Five trains can be on the track at ones ( three driving ).

Below the stash plate, eight trains are stashed on it. so I don’t have to put them away. The track going up is connected to the main track.

When I lower thee main track, the right white block is positioned to the left white block, by pins. This part connects the stash plate to the railway plate.

To make it possible to get a train on the track, here is the control unit with a micro controller and LCD display. It just powers on the choose’d track, Connection to a PC is possible !

Right after placing the stash plate, I started working on the main tracks. These pictures might give you an idea about the creation of it. The differences in heights are minimum and cut out of the main plate. The Marklin M-rails is mounted on the grass.

There they are, real Dutch cows and a campsite. The bridge can also be found in Holland.

An English village with people going home from the pub, I think !

The German side of the scenery. A signal box, sheds and a country house in the background.

The truck has broken down. The gearbox has given up. Time to waste it?  


Below more pictures

Below is a video .

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