My view on the human body is that it works as a big biological machine.
All sorts of entities are creating chemicals for certain goals.
And some even break off certain chemicals.

Think about bacteria and parasites.
Now, nature has a lot of those and very agressive ones.
Also viruses can be creepy killers.

I learned that most bacteria can be neutralized with silver.
Why do we have silver cutlery? And that is an old fact.

Then I also learned about ways to get rid of parasites and viruses
The first case was a documentary about Dr. Hulda Clark.
She used a Syncrometer, made by her son, to distinguish parasites and viruses in ones body.
She also used a home build device to get rid of them, some kind of zapper. I found some drawings, easy to make and very cheap.

The real revelation came with a video with Dr. Pete Peterson and Project Camelot.
He was talking about the way the human body works in correlation to waves and materials.

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