VFR Navigation

Flying VFR in small props made me looking for something with a map. All the available software I encountered was to much, or not freeware.

Searching the internet I found the recources to create it myself.
The result is a small program created with C# that uses internet maps like Google maps.

VFaRi shows Airfields, VOR’s, NDB’s and FIXes from navaid databases, and some IVAO data from Dolomynum to show IVAO clients.

It can be used to create a simple route, by easy clicks. This then can be activated to control the heading

It can be used for FSX or P3D(FSUIPC) and X-Plane(XPUIPC).

VFaRi V4.8 can be downloaded here!
Please let me know if any problems occur using it.

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