Video Editing console

VEC v1.0

Though i am not a good video editor, it is just fun creating them. So while playing with Resolve it would be nice to have a scroll wheel or such, like the professional consoles.

In the past i did some testing with PIC micro controllers as a USB HID mouse and joysticks so, creating a USB HID Keyboard with a rotary encoder could be a solution. And two encoders would even be better.

It took me a while to get the USB HID keyboard firmware working for a PIC18F14K50. And then the two rotary encoders……
This is my first project using C18 in MPLAB and it went well !

Two LED outputs for visualizing the rotary encoder modes and four inputs for buttons like Copy and Paste.

Using FreeCad for years now, to build the casing with my 3d printer.
Both rotary knobs where printed on a Da Vinci 3d Pro.

The first video using the VEC, about this VEC, can be found on my channel on YouTube.

The firmware can be obtained if you will not use it commercially, just for your self and message me by email via the contact page.

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